Redruth Neighbourhood Plan

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Results of the Neighbourhood Plan Issues Consultation

On March 29th at 2pm, we restarted the Redruth Conversation about Redruth Neighbourhood Plan.  The consultation was open until the end of June 2021.

We are delighted to publish the results of the Neighbourhood Plan Issues Consultation and thank everyone who took the time to participate. The results of the Issues Consultation can be viewed at

View the Development Map for Redruth Parish here.

We have been working with a team from Falmouth University called "Go-Collaborate" who have designed a bespoke platform for Neighbourhood Plan Consultations. To find out more about Go-Collaborate please visit their website or read their FAQs here

 The consultation programme for Redruth Neighbourhood Plan

To be done in 2022 (timings tbc) 

  • Publish the results of the Issues Consultation (Jan - Feb 22)
  • Consulting on options for the Redruth Brewery site. These will form part of our Neighbourhood Plan
  • Undertake the Pre-submission Consultation (Article 14) - six weeks on the Neighbourhood Plan
  • The Neighbourhood Development Plan document will then be submitted to Cornwall Council.  A referendum will be arranged.  If the Neighbourhood Plan is supported by the community, it will then be adopted.

Technical Studies which form part of Redruth Neighbourhood Plan 

A Housing Needs Assessment for Redruth was undertaken in 2019.  The document can be viewed here

Work is ongoing on the following Technical Studies for the Neighbourhood Plan. These are:-

  • A Masterplan for Redruth Brewery site
  • A Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • A Habitat Regulation Assessment 


The next meeting of the Steering Group will be held in Spring 2022. A copy of the Agenda will be published here five days before the meeting. A copy of the most recent approved minutes from the Steering Group is also published. 


Although led by the Council this is very much a community-driven plan and this involves working with YOU! If you are interested in contributing, please contact the Chair of the Steering Group, Cllr Barbara Ellenbroek.


Q: Why do a Neighbourhood Plan? 

A: Creating a Neighbourhood Plan gives the community a process to have a say on the use and development of the land within the Parish. The Cornwall Local Plan was formally adopted on 22nd November 2016. This Cornwall Plan provides the overarching planning policy framework for Cornwall, which our Redruth Neighbourhood Plan will be considering. The Cornwall Plan will cover the period up to 2030. The Redruth Neighbourhood Plan will have the same time frame.


Q: When did the Redruth Neighbourhood Plan work start?

A: Redruth started the Neighbourhood Planning process for Redruth Parish in 2017. PFA Research Ltd were commissioned by the Town Council to carry out an initial survey of residents and businesses about the town, its infrastructure and the community. A copy of the report is available for viewing and information.


Q: Who has been doing the work so far?

A: During 2018 volunteers and Councillors came together in five working groups:- Heritage; Housing; Transport; Town Centre & Economy and Public Services. Over 40 meetings have taken place developing evidence, issues and policy ideas for the topic areas. In addition to these working groups, monthly Steering Group meetings have also taken place, agreeing how to progress the work.

Q: What is the Steering Group?

A: The Steering Group is responsible for delivering the Redruth Neighbourhood Plan and operates to agreed terms of reference. The Steering Group is made up of a cross-section of volunteers from the community, including Town Councillors, up to a maximum of 15 members. 

Get in touch - if you have any questions, comments or would like to get involved, please let us know by contacting  Remember, this is YOUR Plan, so have YOUR input.


Steering Group Terms of Reference 

Latest Minutes from the Steering Group 

PFA Research Report 

Redruth Housing Needs Assessment