Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan sets out the community’s views on the development and use of land. This includes setting policies on where development should go, how development is designed or, to give permission for certain types of development.

Unlike a Town Plan of the past, a Neighbourhood Plan becomes a legal part of the planning system. Once a plan is made, and it has been adopted by Cornwall Council, it becomes a part of Cornwall Council’s Local Plan for the area and must be considered in the approval of planning applications.

The Town Council are in the early stages of developing a plan for the parish of Redruth. Although led by the council this is very much a community driven plan and as such anyone interested in contributing should contact the Chairman of the Steering Group, Cllr Barbara Ellenbroek. Topic Groups are already actively working to pull together information from previous area plans and on subjects such as Economy; Housing; Heritage; Open Spaces; and Public Services.


Initial Survey - PFA Research Ltd have been commissioned by the Town Council to carry out an initial survey of residents about the town, its infrastructure and the community.   It is anticipated that this survey will form the basis of the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Redruth.

 A copy of the plan is available here.   If you have any comments/suggestions about this survey, please ensure that you make them known to us by emailing the Town Council - remember it is your plan, so have your input.

"Redruth Neighbourhood Plan – Right up your Street, planning for your future".

We aim for Redruth to have its own Neighbourhood Plan just as many other towns in Cornwall have or are working towards.

This will empower the town to take greater control over its future and planning and make it a better place for YOU, your children, family and friends.

This involves working with YOU, our townsfolk!

A meeting of the Planning Committee Sub Group, Neighbourhood Planning will be held on Monday 19th March 2018 at 6.30pmA copy of the agenda is available here.

The 5 categories/groups that make up the plan will be:

Heritage; Housing; Transport and Physical Infrastructure; Public Services (including – Health Education, Amenities, Open Spaces and Policing); and Town Centre, Tourism, Economy and Business