Council Staff

Town Clerk
Town ClerkThe Town Clerk is a full-time post whose full job title is ‘Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer’. He is the Council’s principal official known as the ‘Proper Officer’. His main role is to advise the Council; ensure decisions are lawful; and to implement those decisions. The Town Clerk is also responsible for the financial affairs of the Council – managing its budget and ensuring internal controls are in place to safeguard its funds and assets. He also acts as the Line Manager for the other staff. The Town Mayor and the Town Clerk work closely together on almost a daily basis.

Our current Town Clerk, Peter Bennett, has been with the Council for 20 years and has helped to shape and grow the Council as we have taken on more responsibilities.

Office Administrator 
Our Office Administrator helps in the day to day management of Council administration specifically with support to Councillors and Committees. As well as providing the Council’s reception service, they assist the Town Clerk in the preparation of agendas for meetings of the Council and its committees; to attend such meetings, take minutes and prepare them for approval, ensuring that all general, statutory and other financial procedures are followed in relation to the preparation of reports/agenda/minutes for said Committees.


Our current administrator is Abigail Hunt who has been with the Council since 2016.

Admin Assistant

Helping the Office Administrator is our recently appointed Admin Assistant Julia Pascoe.   Julia's duties reflect those of the Office Administrator and we are sure that she will become a valued member of the team. 

Community Projects Manager
The Community Projects Manager works as part of the Management Team with all interested parties in the parish of Redruth, including residents, businesses, and other groups and organisations based in Redruth, to provide guidance in the development and delivery of sustainable community based social, environmental and economic regeneration activity. The main role at present is to oversee the four main festivals in the town, namely St Piran’s Day, Murdoch Day, the Redruth International Mining & Pasty Festival and the Christmas events. In addition she is responsible for the Tourist Information Centre.

Our Community Projects Manager, Lara Hill, was appointed in April 2014 following several appointments with other local authorities in the south of England.

Tourist Information and Events Assistant
Our Tourist Information and Events Assistants is there to help the Community Projects Manager by informing visitors of the attractions and facilities in and around Redruth; promoting the town and helping bring in more visitors; and to assist in organising and delivering the festivals in the town.   This post is filled by Barbara Barnes who has been with the Council since 2013 initially within the Tourist Information Centre and latterly also assisting with the festivals.

Marketing & Events Assistant
To help with the promotion of the work of the Town Council and the festivals in particular is a busy job and Georgie Carter  has been in this role since March 2020.

Facilities & Contracts Manager
As a member of the Management Team, the Facilities & Contracts Manager assists the Town Clerk in the day to day management of the Town Council’s properties and facilities, so that they make an enhanced contribution to the life of the community; act as the Contracts Manager for all agreed contracts; act as the contact point for discussion and negotiations with Cornwall Council regarding all current and future devolution of assets and services; is the Council’s Health & Safety Officer; and is the Line Manager for Town Council Ground Staff, Caretaker/Cleaner, and School Crossing Patrols.

The current Facilities Manager is Alec Webb who joined us in November 2018 from a similar position with another Town Council.

Grounds Supervisor
The Town Council employs a small team of ground staff which carry out a range of horticultural and general duties in parks, play areas, and other open spaces in and around the parish of Redruth. Their duties include maintenance of St Rumon's Gardens, St Day Road Gardens, Strawberry Fields; maintenance of some 30 km of public footpaths, maintenance and grass cutting in numerous areas of open space within the parish, and maintenance of the flowerbeds. More recently we have assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the public realm associated with the new Cornish Archive Centre at the former Brewery site.

Our team is led by Chris Strugnell who joined the Council in 2015.

Our Caretaker/Cleaner is Roy Davey who ensures that The Chambers and surrounds are clean and tidy. His role includes acting as the key-holder to unlock for hirers and to secure the building at night, and he does the same at St Rumon’s Gardens at weekends.

Roy has been with the Council since 2005, having previously worked for the contract cleaners responsible for the building

Grounds Staff (x2)


The Grounds Staff Supervisor is ably assisted by Chris Curnow who has been with the Council since 2008 and Jason Hill who joined the team in 2017.


Redruth Library Staff

The services at Redruth Library were devolved to the Town Council in April 2018.  The Senior Library & Information Assistant is Claire Waterhouse who has been with the Library since May 2016.   She has a wealth of experience having worked for both Kerrier District Council and Cornwall Council.

Claire is ably supported by 5 Library & Information Assistants (LIAs), and the team provide a friendly and efficient service whether it be library service or information provided as part of the "one-Stop Shop" facility.   Our longest serving LIA is Sarah Bolton who has worked at the Library since 1989. 

Caroline Redshaw  has been with the library since 2016.

Ken Sampson is another LIA who has helped support the service since 2017.

Tristan Berry joined the team in April 2018, just after the service was devolved. 

Sue Carscadden in another experienced LIA who joined the team in January 2019.