Council Administration

The Town Council consists of two parts, its Members and its Staff. The Town Council cannot function without both of those parts, not legally nor in practice.

The Members, more commonly known as Councillors, are elected on a four-year election cycle. There are a maximum of 14 Councillors, serving three Wards, these being Redruth North, Redruth Central and Redruth South. The Wards follow the same boundaries as for the Cornwall Council Electoral Divisions. There are five Town Councillors for both the North and South Wards, and four in the Central Ward. Their names and contact details are in the Councillors section of this website, you may note that some Councillors represent the town at more than one level of local government. All Town Councillors are volunteers and receive no basic allowance (they are entitled to one but have voted twice not to accept it) nor do they receive expenses incurred within the town (some expenses are paid for attending functions on Council business away from the town).

The Staff are council employees and cannot be Councillors of Redruth. There are currently sixteen employees: seven full-time and nine part-time. The Town Clerk is a full-time post and administers the decisions of the Members. The Town Clerk's duties are wide and varied including: Finance Officer (in effect the Council's accountant), Legal Officer (advises Members and staff as to the extent of their powers and duties), Council Secretary and acts as the Line Manager for the other staff. The Mayor and the Town Clerk work closely together on almost a daily basis. The Town Council also employs a Community Projects Manager. This role has been up-and-running since April 2014. The Community Projects Manger works with local residents and community groups in order to promote and renew Redruth as a vibrant place to live, work and visit. The Community Projects Manager is supported by a Tourist & Events Assistant.   In addition there is are two Office Administrator's.   These are part time posts and you will usually be met by these as the first contact with the Council.   As well as this their duties include minute taking at all of the committee and council meetings plus normal office duties. The Council employs a Facilities & Contracts manager who is responsible for the Council's increasing portfolio of assets and buildings and services are devolved from Cornwall Council.   The Facilities Manger is assisted by three full-time Groundsmen. Their duties include maintenance of St Rumon's Gardens, and St Day Road Gardens, maintenance of some 30 km of public footpaths, maintenance and grass cutting in numerous areas of open space within the parish, and maintenance of the flowerbeds.   Six members of staff run Redruth's Information and Library Service, which was devolved to the Town Council in April 2018. The Council also employs a Caretaker/Cleaner.

Most Council 'business' is conducted in 'Committee'. There are four committees that meet on a regular basis these being: Audit & Accounting Governance; General Purposes, Amenities and Planning. The Members of these committees must be Councillors; members of the public can attend but not 'sit' on the committee. There are in addition a number of Working Groups, which are less formal and can include members of the public as Members of the group. Each committee elects a Chair and a Vice-Chair and the proceedings are recorded ("Minuted"), these records are legal documents and must be available to members of the public.

The Audit & Accounting Committee meets every quarter and deals with matters relating to the review of Council’s spending, balances and budgets every quarter. The committee also look at all other aspects of the audit regime (seeking approval from Council where necessary) – setting the financial regulations; review of financial policies; financial risk management; annual review of insurance; review of employees’ salaries; and a comprehensive review of procedures through regular checks of our activities throughout the year. It is also this committee’s responsibility to recommend to Council the overall budget based on returns from each of the committees, and therefore the level of precept to be requested. The General Purposes Committee meets every two months (more frequently when required) and deals with matters relating to the Council's employees, and some of the major responsibilities such as the four Town Festivals, Regeneration, Tourism, CCTV, and grants and donations. The Amenities Committee meets every two months (more frequently when required) and deals with matters relating to such items as parks, gardens and play areas (where these are not a Cornwall Council responsibility), bus shelters, allotments, floral displays etc. The Planning Committee meets twice a month and considers all planning applications for the Redruth Parish area. The Town Council is not the planning authority (that is Cornwall Council) but is a 'statutory consultee'; that is the Town Council has to be consulted on planning issues. The policy of Redruth Town Council on planning is that the Committee considers all plans, those considered to be contentious will be visited by a Member of the Planning Committee to ascertain the views of the local residents and neighbours and a verbal report made at the Planning Committee Meeting. A recommendation will be made and voted upon. This recommendation is submitted to Cornwall Council as the Town Council's consultation response. Members of the public can attend these Committee meetings.

The Council usually meets on the last Monday of each month, the exceptions being August (when there is no council meeting) and December (when the meeting is brought forward to avoid the Christmas holiday period). It is at these meetings that we should expect all Councillors to attend together. The Council considers the reports from the individual committee meetings, and encompasses any matter that affects the whole Council not able to be dealt with at Committee. Perhaps of more importance to the electorate is that we also hold a public participation period where members of the public can raise issues with the Council. The Chair of the Full Council is the Town Mayor; the Vice Chair is the Deputy Town Mayor.

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