Council Meetings

A full programme of dates of Council and Committee Meetings for the Municipal Year 2017 - 2018 can be found here.


Detailed below are the dates of all Council and Committee meetings to be held in the next three months, along with the meeting papers (Agenda) which are usually issued five days prior to the meeting.   To view the Agenda or Minutes of previous Meetings please click the link of the relevant Council/Committee page below.   Here you will be taken to the current years meetings, but you are able to look back over the previous two years using the "Submit" button.

All meetings are held in the Council Chambers, Penryn Street, commencing at 7:00 p.m. excepting the Interim Planning Meeting which commences at 6.30 p.m.

Members of the public are entitled to attend any meeting. A 15 minute period is set aside at each full council meeting for the public to raise questions about anything relevant to Redruth - at committee meetings the public are able to question members about anything relevant to that agenda.

Upcoming Meetings

Audit & Accounting Governance Committee

20 Nov 18 - 18:00


Planning Committee

26 Nov 18 - 18:30

General Purposes Committee

3 Dec 18 - 19:00

Planning Committee

10 Dec 18 - 19:00


Amenities Committee

Parks, gardens and play areas, bus shelters, floral displays, allotments.

Full Council

The monthly meeting of all Councillors

Audit & Accounting Governance Committee

Review of Council’s financial activities.

General Purposes Committee

Employees, Town Festivals, Regeneration, grants and donations

Planning Committee

Makes recommendations on planning applications