Council Meetings

We are pleased to report that the Town Council are reverting to physical meetings from 17th May 2021.   However, until otherwise advised, we are still having to follow Covid-19 guidelines and there may be occasions where we have to limit the number of people attending.   Please do not allow this to put you off attending, if you have a concern to raise as we will do our best to allow you to air concerns at some point.   Following on from our relocation to the Civic Centre in Alma Place, all of our meetings will be held in the Langman Room in this building from this point onwards.

Detailed below are the dates of all Council and Committee meetings to be held in the next three months, along with the meeting papers (Agenda) which are usually issued five days prior to the meeting.   To view the Agenda or Minutes of previous Meetings please click the link of the relevant Council/Committee page below.   Here you will be taken to the current years meetings, but you are able to look back over the previous two years using the "Submit" button.

All meetings commence at 7:00 p.m., apart from our Interim Planning Committee which starts at 6:30 p.m.

Upcoming Meetings

Planning Committee

13 Dec 21 - 19:00

Planning Committee

Full Council

20 Dec 21 - 19:00


Amenities Committee

Parks, gardens and play areas, bus shelters, floral displays, allotments.

Full Council

The monthly meeting of all Councillors

Audit & Accounting Governance Committee

Review of Council’s financial activities.

General Purposes Committee

Town Festivals, Regeneration, grants and donations

Planning Committee

Makes recommendations on planning applications

Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee deals with all matters relating to employees of the Council