Council Staff

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the Council’s principal official known as the ‘Proper Officer’. Their main role is to advise the Council, ensure decisions are lawful and to implement those decisions. The Town Clerk is also responsible for the financial affairs of the Council – managing its budget and ensuring internal controls are in place to safeguard its funds and assets. 

The Redruth Town Clerk is Charlotte Caldwell.

Engagement Team

Engagement Officer
The Engagement Officer, Sam White, works with residents, businesses and other groups and organisations based in Redruth, to provide guidance in the development and delivery of sustainable community based social, environmental and economic regeneration activity. She oversees the Events & Marketing Team and also the Library and Information Service, ensuring that the community is engaged with the Library. 

Events & Marketing Manager
The main role of the Events & Marketing Manager is to develop and deliver community-based regeneration activity, including events and festivals. This includes working with residents, businesses, Cornwall Council and other groups and organisations either based in the Parish, or working for the benefit of Redruth. Our Events & Marketing Manager is Alice Lamming


Events & Marketing Co-ordinators

To help with the promotion of the work of the Town Council, the town markets and the festivals, the Events & Marketing Manager is supported by Events & Marketing Co-ordinators Keira Anderson and Natasha Brown


Library Manager

The Library Manager, Claire Waterhouse, is responsible for the development of the Library and Information Service, including tourist information. The Deputy Library Manager is Sarah Bolton


Library & Information Assistants

A number of Library & Information Assistants; Willow AlstonBarbara Barnes, Tristan Berry, Tamsyn Downing, Maria Moreno-Felstead, Ken Sampson and Katy Teare, provide a friendly and efficient service. They, in turn are supported by a number of volunteers. 


Operations Team

Operations Officer
The Operations Officer, Abigail Hunt, leads a team to manage the Town Council's business operations, administration, HR and facilities management commitments, as well as being responsible for the production of the Council's annual report. In addition, she acts as the Clerk on Planning matters and oversees the work of Redruth Youth Council.
Administration Manager

The Administration Manager, Claire Coomberprovides administration, HR and operations support to the Town Council, managing the performance of the administration team and providing support to Councillors and Committees, ensuring that all general, statutory and other procedures are followed.


Administration Assistants

The Administration Manager is supported by two Administration Assistants, Jo Pelham-Wales and Kelly O'Dell.


Facilities Manager

The role of the Facilities Manager, Chris Strugnell, is to plan, programme and oversee the maintenance and improvement of all assets owned, leased and maintained under contract by Redruth Town Council. This incudes historic buildings, retail areas, street furniture, playgrounds, parks, open green spaces and footpaths.


Facilities Technicians

The Facilities Manager is supported by a team of three Facilities Technicians: Chris Curnow, Jason Hill and George Coombs; together with a Facilities Assistant, Roy Davey


School Crossing Patrol 

The Town Council also employs Ricky Lawry to ensure the safety of pedestrians (primarily children) crossing the road at the beginning and end of the school day.

Responsible Finance Officer

The Responsible Finance Officer, Helen Bardle, serves as a member of the Senior Management Team to assist the Town Clerk in the day-to-day management of the Town Council administration, specifically accounts, payroll and financial planning. The RFO is responsible for all the financial records of the Council and the careful administration of its finances.