"One of the most important aims of the association has to be that of the opportunity of young people, to broaden their horizons and to learn about the culture of friends from other countries which not only enriches their lives but represents an investment for the future. By learning about other nations we can learn a lot about ourselves and by breaking through the barriers of language is like reaching out a hand, first to a friend then towards a town and then to a nation"...this was quoted by the then Mayor of Plumergat, Msr Louis Jehano (1994) at the charter signing, a quotation that our association totally endorses.

Plumergat et Meriadec, Brittany, France

The first seeds of twinning were originated by the people of Meriadec after a visit by junior footballers of the Redruth area (1988). A delegation of both communities met to discuss the viability of twinning (1992) and we were subsequently twinned officially with the signing of the charter in Redruth, May 1993 on Murdoch Day. The reciprocal signing of the charter took place in Plumergat in October (1994).
Subsequent to 1994 numerous exchange visits have taken place which were greatly enjoyed by all concerned. These trips enable the already close links with Cornwall and Brittany to be strengthened, allowing each other to broaden their horizons by learning about each others unique culture, heritage, language and forming long lasting friendships. Over past years Redruth Twinning Association have achieved many things such as finding work placements for students wishing to experience life in Cornwall and to extend their knowledge of our language and culture. This has been made possible through the auspices of hoteliers, equestrian and solicitors and shops.   The current Chairman is Mr Ronnie Moyle, and for further information contact Jennifer Rodda (Secretary) Tel No: 01326 251279.

Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA

Following a visit by Jim Jewell (1997) a postman from Mineral Point, a Twinning Charter was agreed between Redruth and Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA.

Jim had researched the mass exodus of Cornish to Wisconsin and had found many links between Redruth and Mineral Point. This, partly resulted in him being made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd.

Many families in and around Mineral Point are proud to call themselves Cornish descendants and even more proud to have historic links with Redruth. Some are even proud to be from Camborne.

The two Twinning Associations keep in regular contact despite the distance and have regular school exchange visits to cement the relationship.
For further information please contact: Alan Jewell (Secretary) Tel: 01209 217412

A Roadsign for Mineral Point in Wisconsin, USA

Real Del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico

Our final twinning link is with the small town of Real Del Monte in the Hidalgo province of Mexico.

In the 1820s when Cornish miners migrated to Mexico to work in the mines of Hidalgo, those miners left a lasting impact on the town of Real del Monte - there is even a cemetery in the town with headstones bearing many Cornish names, and some of these live on today.

In celebration of it's links to Cornwall, Real Del Monte has many paste (pasty) shops, and it is famous for it's Paste Festival which is held each year in October.


If you wish to contact the Redruth-Real Del Monte Twinning Association, their Chairman, Mr Manny Hernandez, can be contacted on 01209 216140 or email Manny.

 A photo of the town square at Real del Monte